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Discover Solutions on the Nano Scale

NanoScout is a revolutionary software product that allows multiple industries to find, solve and diagnose problems at the nanoscale.

With our groundbreaking cloud artificial intelligence (Ai) we have the ability to learn and create specific algorithmic solutions designed specifically for the consumer.

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About us 

NanoScout is a highly innovative provider of cutting-edge nano detection technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. 

Our Platform

NanoScout enables a new age of fast, accurate & low-cost testing. Using a single pathogens nanomorphology we are able to perform high end diagnostics and quality assurance (QA).

Nano Morphology Detection at Scale 

Through the use of our cloud based technology and a robust chemical protocol, we successfully diagnose and detect problems on the nano scale. By combining state of the art cloud AI technology and proprietary sample preparation protocols, we are able to detect the minute details of pathogens and products to detect everything from impurities to infection​

Our platform

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